Accidents in the Workplace Compensation Claims

Many of us spend a great deal of our time at work place. Therefore, work place injuries and accidents have become very common. Subsequently, a huge number of work place injury compensation claims are filed. If you are planning to apply for such a claim, here are some points you need to ponder before starting with it. The International Labour Organisation in the United states has released a statistics stating every year around 264 million people fall victims to non fatal injuries at work place. The shocking fact is 350,000 people die out fatal accidents at work place which includes other industrial diseases.

The occurrence of an accident can have many reasons. In case you are an employer, then you should ensure that all safety precautions and legal regulations, with respect to safety and health of employees are followed.

Some causes that result in accidents in the workplace are:

  • Failure to follow safety procedures,
  • Cocksureness,
  • Not having trained employees at work,
  • Unsafe work conditions,
  • Distractions during work,
  • Starting a new project without prior planning.

Follow simple and sensible guidelines which might save a human life. General risk factors in a work place include electricity, heavy loads, gas, flammable materials, powerful machinery etc. These cannot be taken lightly and handling them in a slapdash manner might result in loss of life which can never be compensated. In order to recognize this the International Labour Organisation celebrates April 28 every year as “World day for health and safety at work”

Accidents in the Workplace Compensation ClaimsThe key factor that differentiates accidents in the workplace from other kind of accidents that may occur at a road side or a super market is it has a sequence of legal steps in place that must be followed. This classification from other accidents necessitates work place accident compensation claims. Though these procedures make work place injury compensation claims easier, we definitely need an attorney with specific experience in work place accident compensation. Make sure that you speak to a work place injury solicitor right away when you have met with an accident at work place. Talk to him in detail about the compensation claims possible based on the injury you had.

To verify that a work-place accident took place, it is necessary to have witnesses to the accident.  First, enter all information about the accident in the company accident register. If there is no registry, write it in a paper when the incident is fresh in your mind.  Make a list of names that includes co workers at the scene with their addresses. Take photographs; check for previous similar incidents and the ambulance attendance should also be noted. These facts are of great importance when you consider going legally for a claim.

In any event, it is up to the injured party to prove that the fault is on the employer. Nevertheless, when the fault lies partly on the defendant, the compensation also is reduced accordingly. Here the role of your lawyer is very important. He has to prove effectively that the employer has breached safety standards, and is at fault.

Logically, any employer will pay huge insurance premiums, distinctly if the work environment is dangerous. It is also because the firm is aware of the potential risk to their employees and therefore makes every effort to protect themselves from regular accident at work.

Common reasons behind work place injuries include, slip and fall, being hit by an object, automobile accidents, and accident resulting from powerful machineries. Mostly, injuries encountered in claim compensation are hand injury, back injury and hernia. These kind of compensation claims are settled out of the court easily as both the parties are aware of the standard compensation levels. A dispute arises only when there is a monetary disagreement.

Accidents happen even in the office. Whenever we think of accidents in the work place, we take into account industries, construction sites, and factories having heavy machineries. At times even some files scattered on the floor can result in a slip and the person might experience a broken wrist or an ankle. These kind of accidents can easily claim compensation.

People who operate from office buildings must follow all safety practices and be sure that their buildings are well ventilated. Check if there is enough lighting. Fire extinguishers should be installed adequately. Office furniture like chairs should be comfortable for day long usage. Failure to meet these safety standards, means you are possibly looking at a workplace accident and the claims there after.

For many work-places, strict safety practices and rules apply because they are dangerous places to work. Places such as construction sites, production units, industries, and waste disposal and pharmacy companies are the kinds of businesses that would pay very high premiums to protect themselves against accident at work & work-place injury compensation claims.

There are various diseases that can be caused by working in such places and they result in a number of accidents at work place and compensation claims.

An example of this would be people who use heavy vibrating tools at work. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people who use these types of tools develop Vibration White Finger which is a cut off in blood supply to the fingers, toes, nose, thumbs and arms.

Ladder falls are very common on construction sites, as are falls from scaffolding and platforms. In fact, they are the leading cause of accident at work & work-place injury compensation claims in the construction industry. This kind of fall can result in injuries like head injuries, broken bones, spinal cord damage and even death.

People who work in large manufacturing plants where they use loud machinery, can fall a victim to industrial deafness.
Pneumoconiosis is a disease caused by inhaling dust particles and affects people who have been working in mines. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer caused by long term exposure to asbestos dust. Similarly people are affected by asthma, bronchitis and various other non fatal illness.

With any of these conditions, first seek proper medical attention and consult a solicitor for possible work place injury compensation. You can also find lots of valuable information about accidents in the work place and work place injury compensation from the world wide web.